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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  June 25, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> he came up straight underneath me like this and the whole kayak lift out of the water like that. >> a heart stopping close encounter for a kayaker. hear what happened when a shark took a bite out of his boat. >> counting the votes and counting down to a potential strike. the latest on efforts to keep bart trains rolling and how well other transit agencies are prepared to help. >> and the bay area becoming the auto theft capital of the country. the cities where you are most likely to lose your ride. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. warning signs going up after a 12-foot shark took a bite out of a kayak. this happened just before 5:00 at pacifica state beach. kpix5 spoke with the kayakers about their close encounter.
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>> it is quite amazing. people walking along the beach, looking into the water in disbelief. but you have to hear from the person himself in that kayak telling us about this ordeal. >> as i'm looking back trying to figure out what is going on, he came up straight underneath me like this and the whole kayak probably lift out of the water like that. >> describing his close encounter with a great white shark. he takes us through the terrifying moment. >> the scariest part is when it let go, because it swam back around. i thought he was going to take another bite, like right where my legs were. >> about ten seconds of sheer terror, although he says it felt so much longer. >> right from below me, the kayak lifted up from below me and the great white shark grabbed ahold of the front of the chi crack and was shaking it violently. and he hit me so hard from underneath.
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>> micah was fishing with his father-in-law when the shark attacked. >> 100, 200 yards off that point inland and not too far from shore. >> micah says the shark was 12 feet. about 3/4 length of his kayak. >> i was pretty much helpless. hanging on for dear life. >> man, juliette, you talk about signs going up on the beach, but what is being done to warn the public? anything else? >> it's interesting. the attack happened just before noon. we got the press release from the police department, saying it happened or were put out at 5:45. a lot of servers were out in the water. had no idea that this had happened. well they do now. we are going to go check for signs. i haven't seen any obvious signs posted yet, but hopefully word of mouth is out tonight. >> nothing like a great white out there bumping your boat around. man. juliette goodrich in pacifica tonight, thanks. >> bart workers have just
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finished boating about five minutes ago and it's all but certain they will give their union the okay to strike. but wait, it gets worse. much worse. kristen airers found out workers at another transit agency are ready to walk out, too. kristen. >> yeah, liz, it's not just bart we are worried about. we learned some ac transit workers are worried that a bart strike could put them in danger. forcing them to strike, too. >> i don't have a bike, so i ride the bus every day. >> berkeley student is making plans. >> a 6-mile walk, i suppose i could do that. >> hazel may have no other choice. unions representing bart, ac transit, and west cap workers are battling over benefits, salaries, and pensions. and if they don't reach a deal, they could strike as early as monday. the result could be the kind of commuter chaos we haven't seen
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since this six day strike in 1997. tonight, the union president stepped out of negotiations to demand specifics on how ac transit would handle a bart strike this time around. >> if bart goes out, what is ac transit's contingency plan for able to absorb the other 400,000 passengers? >> well, we along with all the other regional transit agencies, for the past several weeks have been working to come up with a contingency plan. >> the plan is to add about 15 more buses to ac transit's fleet of 700. do you have enough buses in the fleet to accommodate that? >> nobody does. we'll do what we can. >> william says that's not enough. in a letter to ac transit's general manager, a bart strike to wind up subjects drivers to abuse. we have documentation, she says, of bus windows being shot out, buses rocked, and
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operators left stranded. >> we haven't seen safety as being a primary issue in this regard. >> now the ac transit workers would beg to differ. it is important to note that both sides are saying a few days left, and mediators now involved. they do believe a deal can be reached before a strike. reporting live, kpix5. >> kristen mentioned how bad it was back in 1997 when bart went on strike for six days. back then, 260,000 people road bart on any given weekday. now, ridership is about 400,000 people. it's a lot more people who will have to get into their cars and some buses or ferries. >> big story tonight, we are ten hours away from knowing how the u.s. supreme court stands on gay marriage here in california. the justices are expected to hand down a ruling on prop 8 and the defensive marriage act about 7:00 a.m. our time tomorrow.
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the court could let the ban on same-sex marriage stand or it could uphold the lower court ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. if that happens, it may only apply to california. you can get the latest on the court's decision at, including a breakdown on the different ways the justices could rule and a list of the rallies planned tomorrow around the bay area. the justices did hand down a decision on the voting rights act today. they struck down a part of the law that is designed to protect minority voters. that provision required federal approval of election law changes for certain states and certain counties. the court said it was based on old data that does not reflect today's society. most of the places affected by the ruling are in the south, but three california counties, monta ray, and kings county were covered by the voting
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rights act. president obama said it's time to put the climate change debate to bed and do something about it. >> the question is not whether we need to act. i don't have much patience for anyone who denies that the challenge is real. we don't have time for a meeting of the flat earth society. >> the president announced a sweeping new national climate action plan. at the heart of it, the first ever federal limits on carbon pollution from u.s. power plants. kpix5's kit doe found one plant that is ahead of the game. >> at silicon valley power. would you go as far to say that santa clara is a model how other cities should be doing it? >> i think silicon power and electric utility is the model for having a diverse clean set of resources. >> santa clara is one of three bay area cities with its own utility company that allows
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them to control energy mix. >> santa clara gets 1/3 of its power from natural gas powered plants. that's pretty standard here in california, but when you compare it to the rest of the country, they are well above average. they have a quarter of power from renewable sources. again, that is more than most cities in the country. however, 9% of santa clara's power still comes from coal. in particular, this plant near farming ton, new mexico. the city says it is working on it. >> we are actively working and investing our coal resources. hopefully within the next three to four years. >> did you know santa clara had a power plant? >> i did not. she's not alone. natural power plants spew out invisible. >> everything helps. we will have something to pass along to future generations or we're not. >> santa clara is showing what life after coal could look
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like. kit doe, kpix5. >> because santa clara's power peoproughly half of what pg and e's residential customers do. auto theft is on the rise all across the bay area. the fbi says five bay area cities are among the top ten nationally in auto thefts per capita last year. richmond and oakland took the top spots in cities with at least 100,000 people. vallejo, antioch, and heyward are also on that list. >> i wouldn't expect heyward to be on the list. seems like a residence, i don't think will be on the list. >> none of the five bay area cities registered as big and increase in san jose. auto thefts there are up a whopping 37%. checking some bay area headlines. more reliable radios are a bit closer for oakland police. a city finance committee has conditionally approved spending
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close to $2 million to upgrade the city's 911 dispatch center. the improvements will be needed whether the city stays with its current radios or joins a regional network with other eastbound cities. san jose has more money tonight to clean up homeless encampments. the water district agreed to give the city $175,000 to hire two more park rangers to parole creek areas. a survey from 2011 found there are 7,000 homeless people in santa clara county and 60 encampments in san jose alone. and san jose is adding a new luxury high-rise apartment building to its skyline. the multimillion dollar project is expected to create 500 new jobs and will have shops, apartment units, and a parking garage when it's finished in
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2015. another lawsuit over those energy drinks. the latest target being blamed for a teenager's death. >> making a statement in hot pink sneakers. why one lawmaker spent 12 hours on her feet. >> and protecting baby northwest. what kim kardashian did to make sure her new daughter didn't get over exposed. ♪
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no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ the family of a san francisco teenager who died after drinking two 16-ounce cans of monster energy drinks is suing the manufacturer. alex morris died last july. the coroner ruled his death was due to cardiac arrhythmia and cardiomiopothy. the company needs to be held accountable. it is the second suit filed by the same law firm. san francisco sued monster earlier this year claiming it was unfairly marketing to children. no comment from monster on the lawsuit, but it has claimed in the past that its drinks are
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safe. >> a one-woman filibuster ended minutes ago in the texas state house. wearing pink tennis shoes to stay on her feet all day, fort worth state senator, wendy davis, spent more than 12 hours trying to convince fellow lawmakers not to support new abortion restrictions. in spite of the filibuster, minutes ago, republicans passed the new restrictions expected to close almost every abortion clinic in texas. meanwhile, texas is on the eve of executing this woman. 52-year-old, kimberly mccarthy will become the 500th inmate to be put to death. she was convicted of murdering a 70-year-old dallas county woman during a 1997 robbery. she is scheduled for lethal injection tomorrow. the grim milestone reignited issues on both sides. texas executes on average, every three weeks. difficult day for jurors in the manslaughter trial of
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george zimmerman. prosecutors showed pictures of trayvon martin's body lying in the grass at the florida apartment complex where the neighborhood watch commander shot him to death. the only witness to the confrontation between martin and zimmerman also took the stand. >> it sounded like no, or uh. arms flailing. >> the defense tried to discredit the witness by revealing she supported a facebook page that demands justice for trayvon martin. zimmerman doesn't deny shooting martin, but he says it was in self-defense. it started with americans outraged over government snooping. has blossomed into international tensions over extradition. tonight, nsa leaker, edward snowden is held up at the moscow airport and reporter, teresa garcia says there's little likelihood he will be handed over to the u.s.
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>> edward snowden is a man without a country. he is spending his third day in the transit area of the moscow airport. he's not official on russian soil and since the u.s. revoked its passport, he's not free to leave the airport or fly anywhere with moscow's permission. one place he won't send snowden is the united states. >> he says, we can hand over foreign citizens to countries with which we have an appropriate extradition agreement. we don't have such an agreement with the united states. snowden, a former national security agency contractor is facing charges of espionage after leaking details about classified u.s. surveillance programs to the media. in a statement, the national security council spokeswoman says there is a clear legal basis to turn him over. we are asking the russian government to take action to expel mr. snowden without delay. secretary of state, john kerry, is down playing any drama. >> we are not looking for
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confrontation. we are not ordering anybody. we are simply requesting under a normal procedure for the transfer ofsomebody just as we transferred to russia. seven people in the last two years that they requested. >> his security forces are not working with snowden to learn more about his secrets. but those secrets may already be out. officials say the document snowden took may have already been compromised by chinese degeneration intelligence. snowden is reportedly trying to get to ecuador. tonight, that country's president wouldn't comment on whether he will be allowed to enter the country. 100 angry workers are holding an american worker hostage in beijing. he is waiting for his lawyers to arrive to resolve the pay dispute. the workers want severance packages amid rumors the plant
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is being closed. checking in with brian right now. in for paul. another kind of strange june day. something we don't see a lot of, but we see occasionally, more rain. >> that's right, and there's a lot of fog around the bay area as well. it's pretty much gone. drizzle through tomorrow morning. the rain over for now and there was a lot more in the north bay than in the south bay. looking toward oakland. that doesn't look so bad. on the golden gate bridge, there's plenty of fog and fog is beginning to move into other parts of the area as well. concord right now, 66 degrees. oakland has 65. at the airport, it's 63. we have the subtropical moisture floating in. high deaf doppler, no matter how fancy it is, can't pick up what is left. we did pick up more than an inch and a third of rain in kemp field. came to oakland and had a fifty
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of an inch. you go down to san jose, .01. so depended on where you were. you could see the golden gate bridge. showers end tonight. it will be a foggy start to wednesday morning and then a major turn around in the weather. that high pressure begins to build over the west coast. warm up to near average highs tomorrow and then we will warm up big time this weekend. liver more, the temperatures climb day by day until saturday, we're in the 100 degree range and we'll keep it there for the next four days. for tomorrow, san francisco, and concord and san jose, seasonal averages. san jose will come in at 81 degrees. concord at 83. mid 80s will do it for the south bay. 76 degrees at fremont. liver more at 86. begin to warm it up and we do get fog tomorrow morning, but the north bay, doesn't look bad with temperatures in the 70s and the far north, we are looking at 82.
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extended forecast, look at the numbers climb. as we get to the weekend, we'll be 100 degree range and we'll keep it there. >> amazing the difference. >> isn't it something? well, the weirder it gets on the one side, the warmer it will get on the other side. my daughter is sobbing and says to me, mommy, are they going to kill us? >> a celebrity takes center stage. why hally barry is wanting protection. ,,,,
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some star power at the state capital. halle barry was in sacramento lobbying for laws. lawmakers are considering a bill that would extend more privacy protections to public figures and their children. barry, who is pregnant sited a recent run in with photographers that terrified her young daughter. >> they are grabbing on my fiance. i'm newly pregnant. i almost tripped three times because they are pushing and shoving. my daughter is now sobbing and she says to me, mommy, are they going to kill us? are they trying to kill us? >> opponents claim that it crosses first amendment lines. >> kim kardashian has learned the value of keeping her friends close and her enemies closer. this week, she sent bogus photos of baby norris west to a handful of friends to see who would release them to the
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media. her so-called friends sold out when the imposter baby photos popped up online. >> doesn't halle barry remind you of a dana king? a little bit? >> first place on the line for the oakland athletics. i'm dennis o'donnell. can the giants complete a 9th inning comeback against the dodgers? we'll tell you next. ,,,,,,,,
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losses to the dodgers rt the clock! injuries have clearly taken the toll who avoid two straight losses. mark, start the clock. well, they are trying to fall below 500. there is mike starting for the giants. 4th inning, 2-0 l.a. buster posey, yes, his giants
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tied. hanley ramirez snatches his fifth home run of the year. goes right off the pole. two-run shot, dodgers lead 4-2. it is 6-4, but they come back. brandon bell scores and the lead is down to one. so, there are two men on for marco, with two outs. and watch what he does. deep center field. matt kemp going back. still going. the game ends on that catch with two men on. 3rd inning, sails one to right. cocoa scores 3-0a's and two batters later, josh donaldson curve ball and it got him. 11th home run of the year. two-run shot. 6-0. a's go on to win. they are tied with the rangers, who would have thought we would be talking about the a's in first place. >> it is struggling.
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>> all right. step it up. see you at 11:00. look at 'em.
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